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What's Next?

College, bills, career decisions; life, "the real world." What is next? Together we come together to discuss how to navigate these decisions in life and providing a place in which other young adults can have a dialogue regarding this and other topics. We must make sure our foundation is firmly built on Jesus Christ and at CONNECT Life Group, this is where we can walk things through together.


Every 2nd Friday of the month, we gather for fellowship, dialogue, food, games and there will be times in which we will have outings or have worship in music and song. Everything with the Word of God in the forefront and fellowship through all seasons of life.


You are invited to come and bring others with you. You are not meant to figure things out on your own, God has the answers and direction you are looking for.


CONNECT Young Adults is for the ages 18-35. This is the place for you to grow in faith and in the community with other young adults just like you.

God has the very best for everyone, it is time to know what He wants for you!!


Get Connected!

We meet every second Friday of the month!

Where:   8345 Jadam Way

                Lemon Grove, CA 91977

Time:   7pm

Phone:   (619) 321-8660




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